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  • Enables filtration, pre-heating, deaeration, and precisedosing of media in the vessel within the dissolution bath

  • 21 ltr media tank capacity allows filling of dissolution vessels for upto 3 dissolution tests (n = 6)

  • Integration with DO2probefacilitates individual vesseland pilot DO2levels for record and audit purposes

  • Entire dissolution batch degassing ensures inter-vessel degassingconsistency

  • Volumetric dispensing with an accuracy better than 1% as per USP, FDA and Ph.Eur. Requirements

  • Special internal nozzle design allows the degassing of surfactant andfrothing media like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Tween

  • Programmable time, temperature and vacuum for effective deaeration ofdifferent media

  • Maintains media under vacuum at desired temperature while in idle condition

  • Virtually zero dead volume minimizes wastage of media

  • Programmable dispensing volumes from 200 ml to 4 ltrs

  • Fast aspiration, heating and degassing allows 8 litres of media to bedispensed in less than 15 mins

  • Fast-filling of dissolution vessels at a dispensing rate of 900 ml/min

  • Programmable rinse and cleaning cycle allows theinstrument to run through a prevalidated self cleaning procedure

  • On-board memory stores 10 batch information of degassed media

  • Unparalleled versatility due to 1 ml volume changeincrements

  • 360turning radius allows it to be maneuvered in tight places

  • Multifunction single hose for dispensing, aspirating, cleaning, rinsing, anddraining ensures no lifting of heavy media tanks

  • Ergonomically designed dispense nozzle with embedded dispense switch for ease ofoperation

  • User friendly validation and calibration of media volumes

  • Visual indications for the status of the instrument

  • Print report consisting validation, calibration and main cylce report .Main cycle report consists set vacuum level, dispensed volume,degassing temperature ,O2 level,O2 levelof pilot reading , O2levelof individual vessel and maximum vacuum level attained

  • Embedded printer for printing reports

Featuresof optical DO probe:

  • Compliance with ASTM International Method D 888 - 05

  • Quick response optical sensor technology

  • No membrane : Cost-effective optical sensor technologyallowsmaintenance – free operation

  • No Electrolyte, no drift

  • No O2consumptioon : Precise in low O2concentration

  • No cross sensitivity with pH 1-14, CO2,H2S,So2

  • Real time temperature compensation

  • Provides reliable and reproducible results

  • Rugged and robust stainless steel construction



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